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October 17, 2010

Vesper Bay Docks (Panorama)

Since it is an panorama imageshack cannot generate a good thumbnail for it, click the link below for the image.  It is wide, so be sure to zoom to 100% to see the details.

[Image Link]

October 16, 2010

Very strange fishing message

Got this fishing message today.  not sure why.  Educated guess would be it was part of the Fishing leve I was doing.

October 16, 2010

Pictures of the Day





As I was waiting for the Ferry met a fellow Lancer


October 14, 2010

Screenshots of the Day(s)

Forgot to post yesterday’s screenshots

Morning Sun


Entry Bridge to Griendia


Fishing Spot for Emerald Moss Fishing Leve


On my first trip to Ul’dan from Limsa



October 14, 2010

Flexible Kitty

Was leveling with LS mate today and realized just how flexible the Mithras (however they are spelled this time around) are!

All looks fine here…

Then a scene from the Exorcist was re-enacted!

October 14, 2010

I thought Ul’dan was Shiny

I thought Ul’dan was Shiny already, but I just found out Limsa Limsa is worse…

Look at that brightness… good thing Kara has the goggles on!

October 14, 2010

Kara the 2nd

Got the Asuran Armguard code today, so decided to remake Kara.  At least I know what I am doing better Smile  So it should be easy to catch up to where I was before.


Some Screenshots from the Gridania Starting Cut Scene




October 13, 2010

Some pretty screenshots

Taken on the Savannah areas on my way to Ul’Dan.   Was fishing when I encountered a newbie player, and decided to take him to Ul’dan so he can get his last crystal.

Could have teleported, but I think the travelling experience is more beneficial.

On the Ferry


The Lands of Ul’dan




October 13, 2010

Buffer Settings – Double vs. Resolution

In FFXIV’s configuration program there is an setting called “Buffer size.”  Changing this value has a dramatic impact on frame rate.  But is it worth the performance hit?

here is the comparison between “Double” vs. “Resolution”




October 12, 2010

Schools of Fish

There are 2 types of fishable locations.

1) regular Fishable Waters – Grade 1-10

2) Schools of Fish – Grade 1-10

The schools of fish locations have slightly better fish and sometimes fishes not available to those of the same grade.  But they have a maximum number of time before they are fished out

If you are fishing at a school of fish you will get that message.